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About us

3D Scanners is a part of the TDEC Group – a design office with a wide range of activity – read more on

The TDEC Group specialises in HVAC engineering. The impulse for establishing  3D Scanners was the growing demand for reverse engineering, detailed inventory and digitisation of existing HVACs and industrial installations. The combination of these two fields is a guarantee of success. Based on our long-standing experience in designing installations with a high degree of complexity we are able to precisely develop scanned items and represent them in drawings using BIM technology.

At present, we offer our customers a wide range of products including all applications that are available through the 3D laser scanning technology.

The TDEC Group is your partner for engineering, consultancy and design

During our long-term business operation, not only did our company firmly establish on the market in the field of building design, technological installations in construction as well as computer based building management, but it also constantly improves its expertise and competences through the experience gained during various international projects.

We make our best efforts to combine various areas of the executed task in a manner providing our clients with the highest possible performance. Advanced design of HVACS installations, state-of-the-art BIM project management, detailed consulting, calculations in accordance with various standards, and execution of projects in accordance with international standards – these are the services that we provide using state-of-the-art software.

The efficiency that we offer provides our customers with successful executions of their undertakings with the guarantee of the highest quality.